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ART TEES: "BLKBRDT Vol.1" Hand Crafted

a·po·em (eh.ˈpōəm/) by [LM]

Vol.1 ART Exhibition: "BLKBRDT" A Limited Collection of Hand Crafted & Made to Order paintings turned Tees.  


A painting by [LM] created to serve as a living art piece;

a statement of free expression.


Free gift included with every purchase crafted by hand and made to order. 

The apoem Jewlery line by LM is a handcrafted made to order line that including stones from Lyric's (my!)  personal rock collection, collected from Nigeria, Houston, LA Studios, new york hotels, roads i've traveled, shows ive performed at, homes and other significant places in my life that taught me growth and reflection. 

ART TEES: "BLKBRDT Vol.1" Hand Crafted

  • immediate response or for assistence. 

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