"a poem for lyric"

...a reminder of who iAm. I sat there, faced with adapting to a new environment and a new state of our world, and I had to decide. Once and for all, who am I? a forever evolving concept, a perpetual state or becoming... Shit's weird after leaving the hospital and working on my art full time. its been a hassle but I am grateful. I've been discovering more ways to express my art through the pain and discomfort of not knowing when I'll see you again on that stage. I've spent so much time on survival mode, now its time to live. People try to tell us who we are and define us, at every turn. I use to resist so much but now I know there's nothing to resist because we are who we are. I am who I am. lol I can't help but to laugh though; I smile because they don't know yet, what we know... that iAm ... because WeAre.

This long-sleeved shirt is made of the ultra-smooth American Apparel cotton, and it has comfy long sleeves to protect you from the elements. The sleeves are cuffed at the hand for a tapered look that adds a little flair.

• 100% cotton
• Heather Grey is 90% cotton, 10% polyester
• Long sleeves
• Cuffed hands
• Durable ribbed neckband
• Double stitched
• Blank products stocked in the US are made in USA, sweatshop-free
• Blank products stocked in the EU are sourced worldwide

"a poem for lyric" [long sleeve]